Frequently Asked Questions

Account Opening

How do I open an account?

We try to make this as easy as possible. There are two ways:

  1. Click here to complete the application and upload your supporting documents.
  2. Provide us with an email or physical address, and we will send you a welcome package with the application and further instructions.

What documents does Zall & Sons need from me to open an account?

This depends on what you will be buying from us. We always need:

  1. Completed application.
  2. Either a Sales & Use Tax registration (Form ST-1) or a completed Form ST-4 (we provide this form). 
  3. Copy of guarantor’s driver’s license
  4. If you sell the following, we need related state issued licenses:

Cigarettes: Retailer License for Sale of Cigarettes (Form CT-3)

Cigars & Other Tobacco: Retailer License for Sale of Cigars and Smoking Tobacco (Form CT-3T)

Electronic Cigarettes / Vape: Retailer License for the Sale of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS)

How long does it take to open an account?

After we receive your application and the necessary documents, an account is typically open within the hour. 

Ordering & Returns

How do I place an order with Zall & Sons?

Today, we accept orders by phone, fax, email, carrier pigeon, or any other means of delivery that works best for you. All we ask is that you order using our item numbers. 

Soon we expect to offer online ordering as well.

Does a salesperson come to my store to take an order?

  • The short answer is no. The longer answer has more to do with value to our customers. While some of our competitors provide you with a mid-level, sales-minded person, we find it more productive to give you ready access to our entire management team and senior staff.

Does Zall & Sons accept product returns?

We accept returns of all re-sellable products: products that are in original packaging and not expired. We also accept expired or damaged returns for products whose manufacturer/supplier provides a guarantee.

Can I shop inside your warehouse?

No, but we do offer pickup which comes along with savings on cigarette pricing. Get an order to us ahead of time and let us do that work for you.

How long will it take to have my order ready for pickup?

Monday-Thursday, typically 2 hours. On Fridays we usually get it done within an hour.

When do I need to place my order for delivery?

Typically, orders are due before 10:30am the day prior to your delivery day. Please contact us if there are any questions about your delivery day or order cutoff time.

Service & Help

Is Zall & Sons the best local wholesaler?

Yes. Maybe we are biased, but we truly believe yes is the correct answer.

Is your automated phone attendant easy to use?

No, it is impossible to use because we do not have one. A live human being will answer your call every time!

Can Zall & Sons help me with product selection?

Yes! Zall & Sons has over 85 years of experience working with local businesses. Rely on our knowledge of the industry and local markets to help bring in the products that keep your customers coming back.

Order Delivery & Pickup

Will I see the same delivery person every week?

Yes. Our goal is to create as much comfort with our drivers as possible. We aim to send the same person to your store every time.

Is there a delivery charge?

No. Unless you are part of a special program, we do not charge any fees for delivery.

Is there a minimum for delivery?

Yes, we ask for an order size of at least $1,000.

How long do I have to report an issue with my order?

We would like to hear from you within 24 hours please.

Invoicing & Payment

What forms of payment are available?

We accept cash, checks and ACH transactions. We do not accept credit or debit card payments.


Does Zall & Sons pre-collect sales tax on tobacco items?

Yes, it is the law that we do so. We provide the details on your invoice and can provide a monthly report to help with your tax returns.

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