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Becoming a partner with Zall & Sons is a simple and straightforward process. We have designed it to be user-friendly and efficient to ensure that you can start benefitting from our services as soon as possible.

You can begin by opting for one of the following methods:

Online Application: Apply with our easy-to-fill online form. After completing it, you can upload all the necessary supporting documents directly on our platform.

Mail-In Application: Provide us with your email or postal address, and we will send you a comprehensive welcome package containing the application form and instructions.

Depending on the products you intend to purchase from us, different documents may be required. Here's what you need to prepare:

  • A completed application form.
  • Either a Sales & Use Tax registration (Form ST-1) or a completed Form ST-4 (provided by us).
  • A copy of the guarantor’s driver’s license.

If you are selling the following items, please also provide us with the corresponding state-issued licenses:

  • Cigarettes: Retailer License for Sale of Cigarettes (Form CT-3)
  • Cigars & Other Tobacco: Retailer License for Sale of Cigars and Smoking Tobacco (Form CT-3T)
  • Electronic Cigarettes / Vape: Retailer License for the Sale of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS).

The process of completing the application can differ based on who is handling it:

If the owner is completing the application: This is a one-step process. The owner completes the application (including the guarantee) and uploads all supporting documents.

If a non-owner is completing the application: This is a two-step process. A non-owner (like a manager) completes the primary portion of the application and uploads the supporting documents. The owner is then required to complete the personal guarantee section only.

We strive to make your journey to partnership smooth and hassle-free. Start your application today!

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Thursday: 7:30am-3:30pm

Friday: 7:30am-12:00pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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